Physics Department Timetable - Updated: 28/2/2011: Teaching Block 2 2010-2011

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

MA-102 Faraday L
9h30-11 Exp. Grp. Meetings 413

PH-125 WAB Glyndwr C
PH-322 GMS Glyndwr A
MA-102 Faraday L
PH-322 GMS Glyndwr A
PH-122 SPK Glyndwr C
Level 2/3 Class Glyndwr A
Level 1 Class Glyndwr B
Level 2/3 Class Glyndwr F
10-11 PH-229 CRA Faraday C
PH-335 GMS Glyndwr M
PH-127 GA Fulton LR2
PH-222 WBP Faraday C
PH-339 DPvdW Glyndwr A
PH-355 TJH Vivian 413 10-12 PH-128 CAI 404/406
PH-207 SJH Glyndwr F
PH-355 TJH Glyndwr M
PH-123 CN Glyndwr C
10-13 PH-209/210 PRD/HHT/WAB 404/406
10-13 PH-311/318/353 Lab
11-12 PH-127 GA Fulton LR2
PH-222 WBP Faraday C
PH-333 SE Faraday D
PH-131 BL Faraday J
PH-229 CRA Faraday C
PH-335 GMS Glyndwr A
MA-112 Faraday L PH-360 PRD Glyndwr M
PH-131 BL Faraday J
MA-112 Faraday L

Level 1 Class Callaghan LT
PH-227 DCD Fulton LR2
PH-339 DPvdW Glyndwr M

MA-112 Faraday L
PH-333 SE Glyndwr A

Level 2 Class Wallace 113 (4+11/5 Wallace 213) CS-171 Faraday C
Level 2 Class Faraday D
Level 3 Class Wallace 227

12-14 PH-M31 BL/SJH Callaghan B04
12-14 Grad. Lectures Viv 516
13-14 MA-112/102 Faraday L
PH-320 SPK Glyndwr A
PH-320 SPK Wallace 222 13-15 UCAS Glyndwr C
13-18 Research Sems. Viv 516
PH-123 CN Glyndwr E
14-15 14-18 PH-129 CAI/DPvdW/SE Lab
PH-207 SJH Faraday C
PH-227 DCD Grove 330
14-17 PH-311 Lab

PH-122 SPK Glyndwr C
CS-171 Haldane PCL5

14-17 PH-209/210 PRD/HHT/WAB 404/406
14-17 PH-311/318 Lab
14-17 PH-353 BL Vivian 413

PH-360 PRD Glyndwr M
14-16 Theory Seminars 516
15-16 PH-125 WAB Glyndwr E
16-17 CS-171 Faraday D

Rooms are in the Vivian Tower and Glyndwr unless indicated otherwise

Potential extra classes/tutorials, check with the lecturer for schedule.

Modules from other departments should be checked directly with those departments