Hadrons under extreme conditions

COST THOR Working Group I Meeting

COST Action CA15213

Swansea University

Tuesday 12th September - Thursday 14th September 2017

organisers: Gert Aarts (Swansea University), Simon Hands (Swansea University) & Andreas Schmitt (Southampton University)

Scientific outline

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together a small group of researchers working on hadronic matter under extreme conditions, both at nonzero temperature and density, in the context of lattice QCD, effective models, the hadron resonance gas and holography. During the three-day meeting, we plan to have 4/5 talks a day, so that there will be ample time to discuss, formulate open questions and establish new insights. The workshop will be centred around the following question: What happens to hadrons at nonzero temperature and density? Specific interests will focus on baryons, hadron resonance gas and its extensions, parity doubling (both at finite T and finite mu), quarkonia, effective models vs lattice QCD vs holography, ...

Invited speakers

Paolo Alba (Frankfurt), Mikko Laine (Bern), Maria Paola Lombardo (Frascati), Florian Preis (Vienna), Alexander Rothkopf (Heidelberg), Chihiro Sasaki (Wroclaw), Laura Tolos (Barcelona), Arno Tripolt (ECT*, Trento)

Scientific programme

The programme can be found here.


The recommendations can be found here.


List of participants

  1. Gert Aarts - Swansea
  2. Paolo Alba - Frankfurt
  3. Chris Allton - Swansea
  4. Davide de Boni - Swansea
  5. Tim Burns - Swansea
  6. Jonas Glesaaen - Swansea
  7. Jeroen van Gorsel - Swansea
  8. Simon Hands - Swansea
  9. Ben Jäger - ETH Zürich
  10. Seyong Kim - Sejong
  11. Dubravko Klabucar - Zagreb
  12. Mikko Laine - Bern
  13. Maria Paola Lombardo - Frascati
  14. Carlos Nunez - Swansea
  15. Maurizio Piai - Swansea
  16. Florian Preis - Vienna
  17. Alexander Rothkopf - Heidelberg
  18. Sinead Ryan - Dublin
  19. Chihiro Sasaki - Wroclaw
  20. Andreas Schmitt - Southampton
  21. Jonivar Skullerud - Maynooth
  22. Laura Tolos - Barcelona
  23. Arno Tripolt - ECT*, Trento
  24. Liang-Kai Wu - Swansea & Jiangsu