UK Cosmology Meeting at the University of Wales Swansea
Monday 2nd To Wednesday 4th September 2002


Provisional Programme
  Monday 2nd September
  2.00-2.10 Welcome

  2.10-2.40 Rolando Cardenas Ortiz

Modelling dark energy with quintessence and a cosmological constant

  2.40-3.10 Sereno Mauro

Theoretical models for quintessence and observational data

  3.10-3.40 Christophe Rhodes

Coupled Quintessence from Braneworlds

  3.40-4.00 Tea

  4.00-5.00 Qaisar Shafi



Tuesday 3rd September
  9.30-10.30 B.S. Sathyaprakash

Observing the Dark Side of the Universe

  10.30-11.00 Coffee

  11.00-11.30 M Guilbert

Gravitational wave bursts from cosmic string cusps

  11.30-12.00 Y.F.J. Lemperiere

The f ate of superconducting cosmic loops

  12.00-12.30 Mark Hindmarsh

Evolution of Defect and Brane Networks

  12.30-1.00 David Wands

Consistency relations from multi-field inflation

  1.00-2.00 Lunch

  2.00-2.30 Paddy Ashcroft

Scalar field dynamics with generalised potentials

  2.30-3.00 Lisa Hall

Perturbations in Warm Inflation

  3.00-3.30 David Parkinson

Correlated perturbations and Realistic Inflationary models

  3.30-4.00 Tea

  4.00-5.00 Mike Hobson

Constraining the cosmological model with the Very Small Array

  Wednesday 4th September
  9.30-10.00 Pier Stefano Corasaniti

The dark side of the CMB spectrum

  10.00-10.30 David Coule

Entropic and other problems with brane cosmology

  10.30-11.00 Stephen Davis

Gauss-Bonnet Brane Worlds and Self-Tuning

  11.00-11.30 Coffee

  11.30-12.00 Jose J Blanco-Pillado

The Colliding Bubble Braneworld Universe

  12.00-12.30 Jean-luc Lehners

The Cyclic Universe viewed from Heterotic M-theory

  12.30-1.00 Brandon Carter

Symplectic structure in brane mechanics