UK Theoretical Particle Physics Jobs Rumour Mill - 2000-2001

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Manchester (deadline: 29th September )
Short List:
John Terning (Harvard)
Steve Mrenna (UC Davis)
Arjun Berera (Edinburgh)
Stefano Moretti (RAL)
Steve Abel (Sussex).

Apostolos Pilaftsis (Wuerzburg)
Sacha Davidson (Oxford)
Andrea Romanino (FNAL)

Formally offered to:
Steve Abel (declined)
John Terning (declined)
Arjun Berera (declined)
Sacha Davidson (declined)
Andrea Romanino (declined)
Apostolos Pilaftsis (accepted)
Durham (IPPP) (4 jobs) (deadline: 28th September )
Short List:
John Terning (Harvard)
Georg Weiglein (CERN)
Steve Abel (Sussex)
Steve Mrenna (UC Davis)
Stefan Dittmaier (CERN)
Patricia Ball (CERN)
Sacha Davidson (Oxford)
Paolo Gambino (CERN)
Leif Lonnblad (Lund)
+ 2 others.
Offered to:
John Terning (verbally accepted then
declined in favour of Los Alamos position)
Steve Mrenna (declined)
Leif Lonnblad (declined)
Steve Abel (accepted)
Georg Weiglein (accepted)
Nir Polonski (declined)
Patricia Ball (accepted)
Sacha Davidson (accepted)
PPARC Advanced Fellowships (deadline Nov 1st)
Short List:
John Terning (Harvard) with Southampton (declined)
Andrew Chamblin (MIT) with QMW
Sacha Davidson (Oxford) with Southampton
Maxim Pospelov (Minnesota) with Sussex
Offered to:
Andrew Chamblin
Sacha Davidson (moved to Durham and accepted)
Maxim Pospelov

Royal Society Fellowships (deadline Jan 29th)
Short List:

Offered to:

Other Theorist 2000-2001 Shuffles: