UK Theoretical Particle Physics Jobs Rumour Mill - 2000-2001

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Other Theorist 2000-2001 Shuffles:

Liverpool (2 year position) (deadline 15th July)
Short List:
Joachim Hein (Edinburgh)
David Nolland (Durham)
+ 1 others
Offered to:
Joachim Hein (declined)
David Nolland (accepted)
Oxford (deadline 14th June)
Short List:
Ilka Brunner (CERN)
John March-Russell (CERN)
Robert Thorne (Cambridge)
+5 others
Offered to:
John March-Russell (accepted)
Durham (Maths) (deadline May 31st)
Short List:
Arttu Rajantie (Cambridge)
Douglas Smith (Durham)
+ 3 others
Offered to:
Douglas Smith (accepted)
Swansea (3 year position)
Short List:
Jonivar Skullerud (Amsterdam)
Simon Dalley (Cambridge)
+ 3 others
Offered to:
Simon Dalley (accepted)
Liverpool (deadline April 5th)
Short List:
Gunnar Bali (Glasgow)
Craig McNeil (Liverpool)
Paul Rakow (Regensburg)
Roberto Frezzotti (Milan)
Alistair Hart (Cambridge)
Offered to:
Paul Rakow (accepted)
PPARC Advanced Fellowships (deadline Oct 15th)
Short List:
Accepted by:
P S Kumar with University of Wales Swansea
C Oleari with Durham University
P M Saffin with Sussex University
Royal Society Fellowships (deadline Jan 29th)
Short List:

Offered to: