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Jobs and 5 Year fellowships for 2002-2003 Academic Year

Sheffield (deadline 16th June)
Short List:
Konstantinos Dimopoulos (Lancaster)
Carsten van der Bruck (Oxford)
Shaaban Khalil (Durham)
Oleg Lebedev (Sussex)
Offered to:
Oleg Lebedev (declined)
Carsten van der Bruck (accepted)
QMW (senior position) (deadline 23rd May)
Short List:

Offered to:
not filled
Durham (IPPP) (deadline 11th Apr)
Short List:
Peter Richardson (CERN)
Robert Harlander (CERN)
Athanasios Dedes (Munich)
Offered to:
Peter Richardson (accepted)
Athanasios Dedes (accepted)

Short List:
Stefano Moretti (Durham)
Offered to:
Stefano Moretti (accepted)
Glasgow (deadline Jan 24th)
Short List:
Athanasios Dedes (Munich)
Robert Harlander (CERN)
Michael Klasen (DESY)
Gunnar Bali (Glasgow)
. ..
Offered to:
Michael Klasen
Gunnar Bali (accepted)
PPARC Advanced Fellowships (deadline Oct 15th)
Short List:
Sanjaye Ramgoolam (Brown)
Ralph Blumenhagen (Humboldt)
Anne Green (Stockholm)
Panagiota Kanti (CERN)
Owe Philipsen (MIT)
Offered to:
Sanjaye Ramgoolam (with QMW) (accepted)
Blumenhagen (with DAMTP)(accepted)
Green (with Sussex)(accepted)
Kanti (with Oxford)(accepted)
Philipsen (with Sussex) (accepted)
Royal Society Fellowships (deadline Jan 29th)
Short List:
David Tong (MIT) (with DAMTP)
Offered to:
David Tong (accepted)

Other Theorist 2002-2003 Shuffles:

Mike Seymour (Manchester) 3+2 year staff position at CERN (accepted)
Nigel Glover (Durham) PPARC Senior Fellowship
Valya Khoze (Durham) PPARC Senior Fellowship
Peter West (KCL) PPARC Senior Fellowship
Andrew Liddle (Sussex) PPARC Senior Fellowship
David Lyth (Lancaster) PPARC Senior Fellowship
Chris Hull (QMW) -> Imperial
Jerome Guantlett (QMW) -> Imperial
Fay Dowker (QMW) -> Imperial
Dan Waldram (QMW) -> Imperial
Clifford Johnson (Durham) -> University of Southern California
Leszek Roszkowski (Lancaster) -> Sheffield