UK and Ireland Theoretical Particle Physics Jobs Rumour Mill

UK and Ireland Theoretical Particle Physics Jobs Rumour Mill

This is an informal rumour board providing (hopefully) useful information about careers in particle physics research in the UK and Ireland. This page is not endorsed in any way from Swansea University, which can not be held responsible for its content. We cannot guarantee that any information is accurate. This information is provided as a public service, no warranty is expressed or implied. Your mileage may vary.

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Links to UK theory groups web pages and those in Ireland. Imperial have a guide to postdoc applications.

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Jobs and 5 Year fellowships for 2008-2009 Academic Year

(Lectureship in Theoretical Particle Physics, deadline 25 September)
Short List:
Offered to:
King's College London
(Lectureship in Theoretical Physics, deadline 9 March)
Short List:
Offered to:
(Lectureship or Readership on phenomenology, deadline 9 March)
Short List:
Xavier Calmet (Louvain)
Ilia Gogoladze (Delaware)
Sebastian Jaeger (TU Munich)
Offered to:
Xavier Calmet (accepted)
Sebastian Jaeger (accepted)
(Lectureship on collider phenomenology or lattice QCD, deadline 27 February)
Short List:
Jack Laiho (Washington St. Louis)
Craig McNeile (Glasgow)
Offered to:
Jack Laiho (accepted)
NExT Institute at Southampton/RAL/RHUL & Sussex
(six permanent Fellowships/Lectureships in particle physics phenomenology, deadlines vary)
Short List:
Elena Accomando (Turin)
Oliver Brein (IPPP Durham)
Frank Deppisch (Manchester)
Pasquale Di Bari (Padova)
Thomas Gregoire (Edinburgh)
Keith Hamilton (UC Louvain)
Rakhi Mahbubani (Fermilab)
Nikolas Kauer (Wurzburg)
Stephen West (Oxford)
Christian Schwinn (Durham)
Roman Zwicky (Edinburgh)
Offered to:
Elena Accomando (Southampton, accepted)
Pasquale Di Bari (Southampton, accepted)
Thomas Gregoire (Sussex, accepted)
Keith Hamilton (Southampton, declined)
Nikolas Kauer (RHUL, accepted)
Stephen West (RHUL, accepted)
Roman Zwicky (Southampton, accepted)
Royal Society Fellowships (deadline October)
Short List:
Damien Easson (University of Tokyo, with King's College)
Offered to:

EPSRC Advanced Fellowships
Short List:
Vishnu Jejjala (IHÉS)
Offered to:

STFC Advanced Fellowships
Short List:
Offered to:

Theorist 2008-2009 Shuffles:

Andrei Starinets (Southampton) -> Oxford

Jobs for Previous Academic Years

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