QuAMP 2013
Swansea University, Swansea, United Kingdom
Sunday 8 September - Thursday 12 September 2013


Conference sessions take place in the Grove lecture theatre, Grove Building.

Sunday 8th September

16:00Registration - Fulton House, Café West.
18:00Reception - Fulton House, Café West.

Monday 9th September

AM Ultra-Fast Phenomena, Bates Prize Presentation and Lecture + Antimatter I
 Chair: Rarity
09:10CorkumAttosecond Pulses and High Harmonic Spectroscopy.
10:00O'BrienBates Prize Lecture.
11:20Hangst Trapped Antihydrogen: the ALPHA Experiment at CERN.
12:10GreenMany-Body Theory Calculations of Positron Scattering and Annihilation on Noble Gas Atoms.
12:30Kaushal Attoclock Revisted: Effects of Long Range Potentials on Strong Field Ionisation.
PM Ultra-Cold Atom Physics and Quantum Optics
  Chair: Hughes
14:00TreutleinQuantum Interface of Ultracold Atoms and a Micromechanical Membrane.
14:50RiisMicrofabricated Structures for Laser Cooling.
15:10SzwerMicrowave Control of the Interaction between Two Optical Photons.
16:00KuhrProbing Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems with Single-Atom Resolution.
16:50ThompsonIon Coulomb Crystals in a Penning Trap.
17:10SewellSuper-Heisenberg Scaling, Spin Squeezing and Quantum Non-Demolition Measurement of Atomic Spins.
18:00Poster Session with Refreshments

Tuesday 10th September

AM Plasma Physics and Antimatter II
  Chair: Laricchia
09:00FieldMacroscopic and Microscopic Processes in Low Temperature Plasmas.
09:50GriffinBEC in Ring Traps: Guided-Wave Atom-Interferometers
10:10HughesInterfacing Ultracold Atoms with Nanomagnetic Domain Walls.
11:00CassidyPositronium: Old Dog, New Tricks.
11:50AghionPresent Status and Future Perspectives of the AEgIS Experiment.
12:10VoroninResonance Spectroscopy of Antihydrogen Gravitational States.
PM Quantum Optics + Ultra-Cold Atom Physics
  Chair: Freegarde
14:00MaierPlasmonics - Merging Photonics with Nanotechnology.
14:50HoganRydberg Atoms in Surface-Electrode Traps.
15:10WeatherillNon-Equilibrium Phase Transition in a Dilute Thermal Rydberg Gas.
16:00WalmsleyUltrafast Quantum Optics: Toward Scalable Photonic Quantum Networks.
16:50GinossarReduction of Atomic Coherence of a Superconducting Qubit Coupled to Microwave Squeezed Vacuum.
17:10DunninghamStirring up Entanglement: Quantum Metrology with Rotating Matter Waves.
20:00Conference Dinner, Oxwich Bay Hotel, Gower.

Wednesday 11th September

AM Atomic and Molecular Interactions + Precision Experiments
  Chair: Gorfinkiel
09:00SmirnovaTime and Spin in Attosecond Spectroscopy.
09:50CampbellSimulation of Electron Impact in Planetary Atmospheres.
10:10NikolopoulosTime-Dependent Theory of Angular Correlations in Sequential Double Ionization of Neon.
11:00StoehlkerPrecision Experiments in Atomic Physics with Heavy Ions.
11:50SmallmanMeasuring The Electric Dipole Moment of the Electron Using Ytterbium Fluoride Molecules.
12:10ThomCoherent Manipulations in a Microfabricated Ion Trap.
PM Molecular Physics and Chemistry
  Chair: Telle
14:00HutsonCold Molecules and Ultra-Cold Chemistry.
14:50GardnerTowards High Resolution Spectroscopy of Single Molecular Ions.
15:10CournolLaser Cooling Molecules: Application to CaF and SrF.
16:00ScheierElectron Driven Reactions in Doped Helium Nano-Droplets - Chemistry at 0.37 K.
16:50BruceTowards Single-Atom-Resolved Detection and Manipulation of Strongly Correlated Fermions in an Optical Lattice.
17:10ArnoldTrans-Spectral Orbital Angular Momentum Transfer Via 4WM in Rb Vapor.

Thursday 12th September

AM Plasma Physics and Antimatter III
  Chair: Jonsell
09:00WilsonMagnetic Confinement Fusion: Progress and Recent Developments.
09:50MosleyTowards Two-Dimensional Quantum Walks in Multicore Fibre.
10:10LakeTowards Large Scale Quantum Information Processing: Static Magnetic Field Gradient Quantum Coherent Manipulation and Microfabricated Ion Traps.
11:00HoriSub-Doppler Two-Photon Laser Spectroscopy of Antiprotonic Helium.
11:50ManfrediAdiabatic Cooling of Antiproton Plasmas.
12:10BrawleyPositronium Resonant Scattering.

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