Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Fundamental Science

First Virtual Meeting

Monday 15th November - Wednesday 17th November 2021

9am-11am (UK time) / 6-8pm (Korea time)

Organisers: Gert Aarts (Swansea University) and Seyong Kim (Sejong University)

Scientific motivation

In the past ten years or so the use of Artificial Intelligence and in particular Machine Learning has seen a dramatic increase in physics and astronomy. Image classification, signal processing and real-time data selection rely on the recognition of patterns in very large data sets, e.g., in the context of particle physics at the Large Hadron Collider or gravitational wave detection from neutron star/black hole mergers as seen by LIGO/Virgo. More recently, ML methods are also being developed to speed up numerical Monte Carlo approaches relying on high-performance computing (HPC), e.g., in numerical statistical mechanics and lattice Quantum Chromodynamics. Reversely, the methodology of statistical mechanics and the Monte Carlo approach (exactness, detailed balance, histogram reweighting, renormalization group) is being transferred to the ML community, to provide a fresh impetus to clarify the successes of the approach. Due to the similarities of questions asked, a cross-disciplinary approach in, e.g., image classification, links the physical and medical sciences, leading to unexpected connections between those usually separated disciplines. And finally, a longer-term goal is to fuse ML and quantum computing as quantum machine learning, which would lead to a dramatic speed-up and new, not yet explored, possibilities.

In order to build capacity, bridge gaps across disciplines, and develop a common framework, in this project we bring together researchers based in Korea and in the UK via three meetings: a virtual one, one hosted in Korea, and one hosted in the UK.

Practicalities for the first virtual meeting

Scientific programme

The programme can be found here.

List of participants

  1. Dan Archambault - Swansea University
  2. Dimitrios Bachtis - Swansea University
  3. Sahar Basiri Esfajani - Swansea University
  4. Alejandro Bermudez - Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  5. Lydia Bullock - Swansea University
  6. Kihyeon Cho - Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
  7. Debika Chowdhury - Swansea University
  8. Myles Clayton - Aberystwyth University
  9. Steve Conlan - Swansea University
  10. Tom Crick - Swansea University
  11. Tonicha Crook - Swansea University
  12. Tim Davis - Cardiff University
  13. Jeonghwan Go - Kyung Hee University
  14. Luke Golby - Swansea University
  15. Lukas Golino - Swansea University
  16. Simon Hands - University of Liverpool
  17. Hyeong-Chai Jeong - Sejong University
  18. Gunn Kim - Sejong University
  19. Hyunsoo Kim - Sejong University
  20. Sun Kee Kim - Seoul National University
  21. Yongsun Kim - Sejong University
  22. Donghun Lee - Korea University
  23. Jason Lee - University of Seoul
  24. Biagio Lucini - Swansea University
  25. Niels Madsen - Swansea University
  1. Chang-Seong Moon - Kyungpook National University
  2. Markus Mueller - Aachen University
  3. Carlos Nunez - Swansea University
  4. Chanyong Park - Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
  5. Inkyu Park - University of Seoul
  6. Bishnu Paudel - Bangor University
  7. Alma Rahat - Swansea University
  8. Cristiano Sabiu - University of Seoul
  9. Sophie Sadler - Swansea University
  10. Lucas Schepers - Swansea University
  11. Natalia Sikora - Swansea University
  12. Shobnha Singh - Cardiff University
  13. Tom Spriggs - Swansea University
  14. Hattie Stewart - Bristol University
  15. Mark Thomas - Swansea University
  16. Gianmassimo Tasinato - Swansea University
  17. Matheus Torquato - Swansea University
  18. Dirk Van Der Werf - Swansea University
  19. Maurice Van Putten - Sejong University
  20. Ian James Watson - University of Seoul
  21. Hwidong Yoo - Yonsei University
  22. Ivonne Zavala - Swansea University
  23. Reyer Zwiggelaar - Aberystwyth University
  24. Seyong Kim - Sejong University
  25. Gert Aarts - Swansea University