Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Fundamental Science

Scientific Programme

The first talk on each day is 30+5', the other talks are 15+5'. Time is UK time. 9am UK = 6pm Korea.

Monday November 15
09:00 Seyong Kim & Gert Aarts Opening
09:10 Tim Davis Modelling galaxy kinematics with self-supervised, physics-aware, Bayesian neural networks
09:45 Ian James Watson Machine learning for particle physics
10:05 Hwidong Yoo Quantum machine learning on CMS Open Data for new physics search
10:25 Tonicha Crook A computability perspective on (verified) Machine Learning
10:45 Discussion
11:00 Closing

Tuesday November 16
09:00 Maurice Van Putten Rejuvenation in delayed gravitational collapse to GW170817
09:35 Maciej Glowacki End-to-end deep learning at the LHC experiments
09:55 Hyunsoo Kim Machine Learning in Large Water Cherenkov Detector
10:15 Reyer Zwiggelaar ML at the interface of Computer Science and medical images
10:35 Cristiano Sabiu Machine learning and Big Data applications in cosmological analyses
10:55 Discussion
11:00 Closing

Wednesday November 17
09:00 Markus Mueller Classical and quantum Machine Learning for error correction
09:35 Sophie Sadler Explainability in graph-based Machine Learning and social network analysis
09:55 Donghun Lee Knowledge gradient: A partial recipe for interpretable Reinforcement Learning
10:15 Yongsun Kim Potential application of neural network for TPC track reconstruction
10:35 Discussion Next steps, future meetings
11:00 Closing

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