exploring the interface of fundamental and effective approaches to extreme matter

COST THOR Working Group I & II & GDRI Meeting

COST Action CA15213

Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa

Monday June 11 - Thursday June 14 2018

organisers: Gert Aarts (Swansea University), Joerg Achelin (Subatech Nantes), Pedro Bicudo (Universidade de Lisboa), Elena Bratkovskaya (Frankfurt University), Pedro Costa (Coimbra University), João Seixas (AFIF), Klaus Werner (Subatech Nantes)

Scientific programme

The (preliminary) programme can be found here. Talks are 30+5 minutes (except for one). The talks will take place at


The recommendations can be found here.


List of participants and talks

  1. Gert Aarts -- Introduction
  2. Gert Aarts -- Some comments on holomorphic flow, thimbles and the sign problem
  3. Joerg Aichelin -- PHQMD-a new transport approach for heavy ion collisions
  4. Francois Arleo -- Quenching of Hadron Spectra in Heavy Ion Collisions at the LHC
  5. Gergely Barnafoeldi -- Non-extensive Fragmentation Functions for High Energy Collisions
  6. Francesco Becattini -- An overview on polarization in relativistic heavy ion collisions
  7. Marcus Bleicher -- Charm and strangeness by FAIR
  8. Elena Bratkovskaya -- Probing of the QGP by dileptons
  9. Larissa Bravina -- Anisotropic flow
  10. Nihal Buyukcizmeci -- Statistical production and binding energy of hypernuclei
  11. Nuno Cardoso -- Flux tubes at finite temperature
  12. Fabio Colamaria -- Charm-hadron production, correlations and jets with ALICE at the LHC
  13. Pedro Costa -- The QCD phase diagram in the presence of external magnetic fields
  14. Mate Csanad -- New exact and perturbative solutions of relativistic hydrodynamics
  15. Laszlo Csernai -- Open questions in Lambda polarization after QM18
  16. Andrea Dubla -- Heavy flavour via single electron and di-electron measurements
  17. Pol Bernard Gossiaux -- HF modeling in MC simulators
  18. Fabrizio Grosa -- Event-shape engineering for the D-meson elliptic flow in Pb-Pb collisions at sqrt(sNN) = 5.02 TeV
  19. Simon Hands -- Cold dense matter without the Sign Problem; what can we learn?
  20. Iurii Karpenko -- Lambda polarization at RHIC BES and LHC energies in a 3+1D viscous hydro model
  21. Dubravko Klabucar -- Tied chiral and U_A(1) symmetry breakings and restorations at T>0, and eta' and eta at RHIC
  22. Maria Paola Lombardo -- Canonical partition functions, virial expansion and the critical point(s) of QCD
  23. Joao Moreira -- QCD Phase Diagram in an Extended Effective Lagrangian Approach
  24. Roman Pasechnik -- Probing the gluon Wigner distribution in nuclei
  25. Mirko Serino -- Entropy production and time evolution in high energy proton-nucleus collisions
  26. Paulo Silva -- Gluon propagation at finite temperature
  27. Lorenz von Smekal -- QCD-like theories at finite density
  28. Boris Tomasik -- Evolution of multiplicity fluctuations
  29. Antonio Uras -- Review of the last ALICE charmonia measurements
  30. Klaus Werner -- Latest developments in EPOS
  31. Evgeny Zabrodin -- Freeze-out
  32. Pedro Bicudo
  33. Brigitte Cheynis
  34. Jonivar Skullerud