Strong and Electroweak Matter 2012

Swansea University, Swansea, United Kingdom

Tuesday July 10 - Friday July 13 2012

Welcome to the homepage of the 10th International Conference on Strong and ElectroWeak Matter (SEWM2012)


Monday July 9
18:00 - 20:00 welcome buffet and registration Fulton House

Tuesday July 10
8:00 Registration Grove lecture theatre
9:00 Opening Prof Richard B Davies, Vice-Chancellor
Chair: Owe Philipsen
9:15 Maria-Paola Lombardo Quarkonia in the Quark Gluon Plasma
10:00 Mikko Laine Heavy quark kinetic and chemical equilibration
10:25 Coffee break Cafe West, Fulton House
Chair: Cristina Manuel
11:00 Kenji Fukushima Extreme QCD matter -- Fate of chiral symmetry in strong magnetic fields
11:45 Eduardo Fraga Chiral transition and deconfinement in the presence of a magnetic background
12:10 Jens Andersen The chiral transition in a magnetic background - finite density effects
12:35 Lunch Fulton House
Chair: Guy Moore
14:00 David Evans Review of heavy-ion results from the LHC
14:45 Michael Strickland Anisotropic hydrodynamics
15:10 Anton Rebhan The (better) fate of nonabelian plasma instabilities in 3+1 dimensions with longitudinal expansion
15:35 Yannis Burnier Anomaly induced charge dependence of the elliptic flow in heavy ion collisions
16:00 Tea Cafe West, Fulton House
Chair: Edwin Laermann
16:30 Sourendu Gupta The physics of hot and dense QCD
17:15 Owe Philipsen Towards hot and dense QCD from first principles
18:00 Wolfgang Unger 2-flavor formulation of strong coupling Lattice QCD
18:25 Kurt Langfeld O(2) quantum theory at finite densities and the generalised density of states
18:50 End of session

Wednesday July 11
Chair: Prem Kumar
9:00 David Mateos Strong coupling isotropization simplified
9:45 Michal Heller Holography for thermalization: transition to hydrodynamics and its features
10:30 Coffee break Cafe West, Fulton House
Chair: Anton Rebhan
11:00 Derek Teaney Dynamical Hawking radiation and holographic thermalization
11:45 Peter Arnold Coupling dependence of jet quenching in hot strongly-coupled gauge theories
12:10 Aleksi Vuorinen Holographic photon and dilepton production in a thermalizing plasma
12:35 Lunch Fulton House (IAC lunch in SURF room)
Chair: Mark Alford
14:00 Miguel Escobedo Jet broadening and a gauge invariant jet quenching parameter with Soft-Collinear Effective Theory
14:25 Thomas Schaefer Continuity of the deconfinement transition in (Super) Yang Mills Theory
14:50 Cristina Manuel Shear viscosity in a superfluid cold Fermi gas at unitarity
15:15 Francesco Sannino Composite dynamics for the electroweak theory, Dark Matter and inflation
16:00 Tea Cafe West, Fulton House
Chair: Biagio Lucini
16:30 Kari Rummukainen Technicolor and the conformal window on the lattice
17:15 Antonio Rago Non-perturbative investigation of conformality in SU(2) gauge theory with two adjoint fermions
17:40 Philippe de Forcrand A surprise in the phase diagram of many-flavor staggered fermions
18:05 End of session
18:30 Poster session with buffet and drinks, Cafe West, Fulton House
23:00 End of poster session JC's Bar closes

Thursday July 12
Chair: Stanislaw Mrowczynski
9:00 Francois Gelis The early stages of heavy ion collisions
9:45 Aleksi Kurkela Thermalization in collisions at extremely high energies
10:30 Coffee break Cafe West, Fulton House
Chair: Peter Arnold
11:00 Guy Moore Gauge field evolution at high occupancy
11:25 Denes Sexty Bose condensation far from equilibrium
11:50 Mark Alford High amplitude oscillations in dense matter
12:35 Lunch Fulton House
Chair: Thomas Schaefer
14:00 Andreas Schmitt Superfluid components in color-flavor locked quark matter
14:25 Toru Kojo Interweaving chiral spirals
15:50 Jean-Francois Laporte Latest LHC results
15:35 Tea Cafe West, Fulton House
Chair: Simon Hands
16:00 Prof Peter Higgs My life as a boson
17:00 End of session
17:30 Excursion Oxwich Bay Departure in front of Fulton House
19:00 Banquet Oxwich Bay

Friday July 13
Chair: Maurizio Piai
9:00 Marco Cirelli Direct and indirect searches for Dark Matter: status and perspectives
9:45 Stephan Huber Electroweak baryogenesis
10:30 Coffee break Cafe West, Fulton House
Chair: Kari Rummukainen
11:00 Anders Tranberg Cold Electroweak Baryogenesis with two Higgses
11:25 Paul Saffin Simulating the Standard Model
11:50 Arttu Rajantie Cosmological perturbations from non-equilibrium quantum fields
12:35 Lunch Fulton House
Chair: Michael Schmidt
14:00 Julien Serreau Effective potential for quantum scalar fields on a de Sitter geometry
14:25 Mathias Garny Towards a quantum treatment of leptogenesis
14:50 Matti Herranen Transport theory of resonant Leptogenesis from nonequilibrium QFT
15:15 Clancy James Results from the ANTARES underwater neutrino telescope
15:40 Tea Cafe West, Fulton House
Chair: Mikko Laine
16:10 Daniil Gelfand Preheating with fermions
16:35 Mark York 3-loop 3PI effective action for 3D QCD
17:00 Margaret Carrington Preliminary results from the 4PI effective action
17:25 Closing and farewell SEWM 2014 announcement

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