Strong and Electroweak Matter 2012

Swansea University, Swansea, United Kingdom

Tuesday July 10 - Friday July 13 2012

Welcome to the homepage of the 10th International Conference on Strong and ElectroWeak Matter (SEWM2012)


Posters in portrait layout are strongly preferred.

Yukinao Akamatsu Real-time dynamics of heavy quark systems at high temperature
Ramon F. Alvarez-Estrada Nonequilibrium quantum meson gas: dimensional reduction
Ed Bennett SU(2) with one Dirac flavour in the adjoint representation
Andre Bessa Pressure of massless hot scalar fields in the boundary effective theory framework
Tomas Brauner Temperature dependence of CP violation in the Standard Model
Francis Bursa Spectroscopy of SU(2) with two adjoint fermions on the lattice
Alina Czajka N=4 Super Yang-Mills plasma
Katarzyna Deja Energy loss in unstable Quark-Gluon Plasma
Marco Drewes Baryogenesis and Dark Matter from sterile neutrinos
Thomas Epelbaum Thermalization in classical statistical field theory
Wynne Evans Charmonium potential at non-zero temperature
Anthony Francis Aspects of chiral symmetry restoration from two-flavour lattice QCD correlation functions
Jean-Sebastian Gagnon Baryon Asymmetry from first principles without Boltzmann or Kadanoff-Baym
Florian Gautier On the Langevin description of non-equilibrium quantum field dynamics
Fejos Gergely Phase transition in the U(N)xU(N) meson model from large-N approximation
Jacobo Ghiglieri The photon production rate at NLO
Ioan Ghisoiu Debye mass to three-loop order in hot QCD
Pietro Giudice New insights into dense two-color matter
Tomoya Hayata New derivation of QCD sum rules based on commutation relations
Janine Huetig Thermal Leptogenesis -- including gauge interactions
Antal Jakovac Indistinguishability of particles and thermodynamics
Frank James Complex Langevin dynamics in the SU(3) spin model at nonzero chemical potential
Kimmo Kainulainen Flavoured quantum transport equations from cQPA
Tigran Kalaydzhyan Chiral superfluidity of the Quark-Gluon Plasma
Alexander Kartavtsev Dynamics of mixing fields: a basis-independent analysis
Aoife Kelly Spectral functions of charmonium in 2+1 flavour lattice QCD
Seyong Kim Heavy quarkonium in two color QCD at non-zero baryon density/temperature
Daniel Kroff Effective Potential in the boundary effective theory framework
Edwin Laermann Taylor goes imaginary
Jens Langelage Effective lattice theory for hot and/or dense QCD
Biagio Lucini Scaling properties of SU(2) gauge theory with mixed fundamental-adjoint action
Gergely Marko Nature of the thermal phase transition of the scalar phi^4 model at the two-loop approximation of the 2PI formalism
Peter Mati The Bloch-Nordsieck Model at zero and finite temperature
Dhagash Metha On the sign problem in supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories on the lattice
Frank Michler Off-equilibrium photon production at the chiral phase transition
Kohtaroh Miura Thermodynamic lattice study for walking dynamics in strongly flavoured gauge theory
Sylvain Mogliacci Quark number susceptibilities from different resummed perturbation theories
Joyce Myers QCD-based theories at non-zero chemical potential in a small volume
Germano Nardini MSSM Electroweak Baryogenesis and LHC Data
Hiromichi Nishimura Confining gauge theories with adjoint Higgs on R3 X S1
Tiago Nunes da Silva Unraveling the conformal window on the lattice
Leticia Palhares Functional Renormalization Group analysis of relativistic Bose-Einstein condensation
Roberto Pellegrini Interface tension in the 3d 4 state Potts model
Florian Preis Inverse magnetic catalysis in dense matter
Daisuke Satow Ultrasoft fermionic mode in hot gauge theories
Christian Schaefer Computation of the 2nd order transport coefficient kappa in the gluon plasma
Kai Schwenzer Pulsars as a probe for dense matter
Dominik Steineder Comparing models of (strongly coupled) anisotropic plasma
Rainer Stiele The QCD phase transition at high isospin asymmetry
Tomohiro Takesako Stochastic approach for flat and non-flat direction systems in the inflationary Universe
Jos Van Doorsselaere Superconducting properties of the QCD and electroweak vacuum in a strong magnetic field
David Weir Form factors of a 't Hooft-Polyakov monopole
Daniel Yueker Modeling phase transitions in dynamical environments

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